PMS Microdesign – South Side

Web Application Development

Why Web Apps?

For Developers because they have:

    1. Cross-platform compatibility
    2. Leverage technologies they already know and use to create a web app.
    3. Least effort using a more standardized platform than 2-3 different ones.
    4. Cheaper to maintain
    5. Instant Updates
    6. No Store Approval

For Users because:

    1. They don’t need to download an application
    2. Seamless interaction between devices and desktop
    3. Links and interaction between websites

Open-Source JavaScript Frameworks – GPS-Enabled Augmented Reality Web App

SouthSideGO is a full-featured Web Application based on Pokémon Go.

No one would have believed in the early years of the twenty-first century that our world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than ours. H. G. Wells, “War of the Worlds”

The first wave came as Robots from Space, void of life, only to destroy our world to make way for theirs. Within hours the South Side was deserted with only a few to save our planet. A squadron of Flying Saucers descended, dropping Energy Canisters on the sidewalks, Robots in the streets that emit lethal Energy Beams and Insect Robots guarding the side streets. It is your job to eliminate the threat by physically walking up and down East Carson Street destroying the robots. Points collected can be redeemed at local South Side businesses.

Three.js, OBJLoader.js, StereoEffect.js, FullScreen.js, WindowResize.js, dynamictexture.js, DAT.GUI.js.

Normal, Cardboard VR, BlocktoBlockGPS, RealTimeGPS, PlayAnywhere

Normal/Cardboard Menu, Model Generation, Animation Sequences, Local Storage, Block/Block GPS Game, Real-Time GPS Game, Play Anywhere Game, UFO Robot Invasion, GPS Location, UFO Rotation Sequence, Energy Canister Game, Robot Battle Game, Insect Robot Game, Robot Shooting Gallery Game