360° Virtual Reality by pmsmicro.com

PMS Microdesign brings 360° virtual reality to the Web. No need for expensive VR glasses and high-end gaming computers. Just your phone and $5 smartphone glasses are all you need for full 3D stereo viewing. Using Web standards and our open-source JavaScript frameworks will enable your WebVR to run on all platforms with a single build. Modern browsers incorporate high performance APIs running at CPU speed for accelerated 3D graphics (WebGL/Three.js) and spatial audio (Web Audio API). Dynamic 360° virtual reality content can be created in minutes using low-cost 360° cameras and Google Street View. 360 VR is the next best thing to being there.

Fully rendered virtual reality experiences can be easily created using 3D models and scenes from www.turbosquid.com and our open-source JavaScript frameworks. We have over 15 years experience developing virtual reality systems including a virtual reality simulation of schizophrenia that appeared on ABC News 20/20.

South Side Then & Now

Travel back in time to Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side. This Bowser-Based Web Application utilizes GPS and historical photographs to transport you back in time. Since this application is Browser-Based there is no need to go to the App Store, download and install an app, just click and go.

As you walk down East Carson Street between 10th and 24th Streets a map is automatically displayed showing your location. If you stand at the locations indicated on the map and look in the direction shown, you will see the South Side as it is now compared to what it looked like then.

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