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Integrating VR into Web Marketing

Today, customers are looking for authentic experiences that are engaging, interactive and personal. While consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated, marketers have to employ heightened interactivity and increasingly personalized communications to impress their customers. Thus, virtual reality (VR) has become one of the most powerful marketing tools you could use to create authentic experiences and stand out from the crowd.

South Side Then & Now

Travel back in time to Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side. This Bowser-Based Web Application utilizes GPS and historical photographs to transport you back in time. Since this application is Browser-Based there is no need to go to the App Store, download and install an app, just click and go.

As you walk down East Carson Street between 10th and 24th Streets a map is automatically displayed showing your location. If you stand at the locations indicated on the map and look in the direction shown, you will see the South Side as it is now compared to what it looked like then.

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